Of Interest

Rev. Carl G. Carlozzi '62, Fire Department Religion: A Hopeful Story about Religious Coequality and Being Nice! (Xlibris). Chaplain of the Phoenix, Arizona, Fire Department, Carlozzi offers a collection of aphoristic thoughts inspired by the idea that the world's religions could benefit from the "customer service" ethic of fire departments.

William Aulenbach '54, What's Love Got to Do with It? (Infinity Publishing). A veteran Episcopal clergyman takes a fresh look at Jesus and offers advice about putting Jesus's ethics into action.

Coming Soon

Perry Lentz, the Charles P. McIlvaine Professor of English, won wide praise for two novels dealing with the Civil War, The Falling Hills (1967, reissued in 1994) and It Must Be Now the Kingdom Coming (1973). Lentz has just pubished another Civil War novel, Perish from the Earth. Look for a review in the spring Bulletin.