Kenyon Alumni Bulletin: Volume 27, Number 3; Winter 2005


For the Love of Books

Kenyon's new used-book shop honors Denham Sutcliffe, a revered Kenyon English professor. By Amy Blumenthal and Kelli Whitlock

An Election at Ground Zero

Judy Hoffman '73 navigates the complexities of Ohio's election laws. By Jeff Grabmeier

Leaning to the Left

Critics say higher education has become too liberal, threatening intellectual diversity on the nation's campuses. Are they right? By Kelli Whitlock

War Stories

Reporter Brendan Keefe '90 crosses Iraq to chronicle soldiers' sacrifices. By Kelli Whitlock

A Vote to Remember

Kenyon's election fever culminates in epic waits at the polls, inspiring admiration around the country. By Dan Laskin

The Editor's Page

Religion and Politics: A la Carte

Letters to the Editor

Along Middle Path

New Rector, Old Family

A descendant of Philander Chase puts a new twist on Kenyon lore

The Hot Sheet

Living wireless, loving life, cross dressers, and six other things we love about Kenyon.

Foreign Affairs

Chris Brose '02 writes speeches on the front lines of American foreign policy.

Gambier is talking about...

Kenyon in the News




Home Field Advantage

Lords celebrate newly renovated field with win

Sports Round-Up

Faculty News

Evoking Einstein

Special course offers lively view of Albert Einstein's theories

Reading Between the Lines

New study examines sexism in children's literature

Building a Better Wetland

Kenyon biologist uses new grant to study wetlands restoration

Bird's-Eye View

Birds offer insight into natural selection for new Lodish Professor

Faculty Digest

Alumni News

Alumni Digest

Flying for Work--and Fun

Finding a Universal Expression

In Memoriam


Richard L. Shorkey

The Last Page

The Last Page: Don't (Do) Touch

The difference between France and America comes down to a simple truth: you are what you (don't) squeeze