Presidential Rewards

New book awards honor high-school juniors

A new award for high-school juniors will cultivate interest among prospective students and build name recognition for Kenyon throughout the country. Dubbed the Kenyon College Presidential Book Award, the honor will be given annually to one junior in each of the eighty-five high schools participating in the program. Students, who will be nominated by their teachers and guidance counselors, will be judged on their intellectual engagement, creativity, and commitment to community. Winners will receive a book written by a Kenyon author.

High schools in which Kenyon alumni teach and are able to participate in the award's presentation were chosen for the program. Schools from which the College has had a steady flow of students and Kenyon Academic Partner-ship schools were also chosen.

The admissions office, which is coordinating the program, is also seeking schools in areas of the country where the College is hoping to build name recognition, particularly in the Southwest and West.

"The book award is a great opportunity to reinforce Kenyon's literary and academic tradition in key high schools across the country and to recognize top students who match the character of Kenyon," said Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Jennifer Britz. The program will also strengthen bonds between the College and alumni teachers.

Winners of the first annual award will receive hardcover copies of Seabiscuit, by Laura Hillenbrand '89, along with congratulatory letters from the College. They will also be invited to campus for scheduled visit days and be honored at a special luncheon when they arrive.

Assistant Director of Admissions Sara Cantrill Christiansen '01 is coordinating the awards program for the admissions office.