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Perception and Reality: Student callers raise money for the Kenyon Fund

Is perception reality? If so, Kenyon would zoom to the top of the annual fund alumni participation charts. In the 2003 Alumni Survey, 68 percent of the respondents said they had made a gift to the College within the last year. In reality, the actual alumni participation rate for 2003 was 45 percent.

If every Kenyon alumna and alumnus who gave in the last five years were a consistent annual donor, alumni participation in the Kenyon Fund would be 62 percent. This, too, would put Kenyon near the top among its peer institutions.

Kenyon student callers are making a difference in the alumni participation effort. Since the inception of the Student Phonathon Program in the fall of 2001, the alumni participation rate has increased 6 percentage points, from 39 percent in 2001 to 45 percent in 2003. The alumni participation goal for 2003-04 is 47 percent.

The thirty-seven Kenyon student callers do make a difference. Here are three of the faces behind the voices helping the Kenyon Fund achieve its goals.

Name: Yuliya Yoncheva '04
Hometown: Sofia, Bulgaria
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Mathematics

Why she works as a phonathan caller: Most of my friends and I receive financial aid of some sort. It makes a difference. Without it, some of us would not be able to attend Kenyon.

Favorite calling experience: Speaking with a woman who was expecting to win a big cash prize from her local radio station. "In order to enter the competition, listeners had to answer the phone by naming the radio station and saying that they love it before even knowing who is at the other end of the line. The lady kept repeating how much she loves this radio station while I was trying to explain that I was calling from Kenyon and didn't have a prize for her."

Name: Revantha Rodriguez '06
Hometown: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Major: Economics and International Studies

Why he works as a phonathon caller: I get satisfaction out of small pledges. I enjoy knowing that I have been able to show someone who was a non-donor that their contribution is important and they have decided to contribute.

Favorite calling experience: I spoke to a woman, and after I went through the formalities of asking for a gift, she agreed to make a contribution to the Kenyon Fund. We chatted for another ten minutes, and at the end of the call, she decided to double her pledge! It really showed that she had confidence in Kenyon and that her money was going to the right place. I was glad to help be an example and show her that.

Name: Amanda Carpenter '05
Hometown: New Philadelphia, Ohio
Major: Studio Art

Why she works as a phonathon caller: I have gotten a scholarship through Kenyon every year I've been here so far, and to know that some of this comes from these donations to the Kenyon Fund...well, I just feel really thankful that these people find it in them to donate.

Favorite calling experience: I spent forty-five minutes on the telephone with a member of the Class of 1948. We discussed everything from how the landscape changed through the years to how the party scene changed. Although he did give to the Kenyon Fund, it's not all about the money. There are amazing stories to be shared.

Reunions slated for Memorial Day weekend

When you were a Kenyon student, where was the best place to gather with friends? To study for an exam? To meet with a professor? Come back to Kenyon for Reunion Weekend to visit your old haunts. While many of the places have remained unchanged, your classmates will not look the same.

This year's Reunion Weekend, Friday, May 28, through Sunday, May 30, will include reunion celebrations for the classes ending in 4s and 9s, as well as for alumni of the Kokosingers and of the Kenyon Christian Fellowship. All alumni are

Weekend highlights include:

You can find a full schedule of events and other information about Reunion Weekend on the Web. You can also register online.

Find alumni friends

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Are you wondering about other members of your class or fraternity who work in, say, journalism or teaching?

You can find all of this and more in the online directory. Visit the alumni page of the Kenyon Web site , log on to the alumni online section, and click on the advanced search option on the left side of the screen. With the advanced search option you'll be able to find information to help you connect with your fellow alumni. But remember, this information is available to allow you to keep in touch with other alumni for personal purposes only, not for business purposes.

Share memories share photos, share the old times and do it online

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