The Hot Sheet

A pink flamingo. Susan Church '85 opened a clothing shop with the intriguing (and stylishly lowercase) name "pink flamingo" in January 2005. Located behind the College's bookstore, the shop sells vintage clothing and fills a void left by the closing of the Salvation Army store in Mount Vernon.

Law & Order. When the hit TV show mentioned the Kenyon Review in a late 1990s episode, we were intrigued and proud. When Krista Apple '99 appeared on the show in October of 2004, followed by a February 2005 appearance by David Murray Jaffe '72, we realized that Law & Order loves the Kenyon connection.

Wieners. Gambier's Village Market proclaims itself to be the "Home of the Market Dog." At 50 cents apiece, the hot dogs are popular at all hours of the day.

A Treasure's Trove. Students at Kenyon are reading the book by Michael Stadther that conceals clues to real treasures that are hidden throughout the United States. The book is a fairy tale "for parents and children of all ages." More than one thousand Kenyon students use this online phenomenon for social networking with other students. Users, who create an individual profile, are able to meet new people and learn more about their classmates at Kenyon.

Bathrobes & slippers. It may be too early to call it a trend, but on more than one occasion students have been spotted padding around campus in their jammies. When we told prospective students that Kenyon is a "place to call home," we had no idea they would take it so literally.

Poet in residence. Honorée Jeffers spent two weeks at Kenyon conducting workshops and visiting classes in February. The poet is an assistant professor of English at the University of Oklahoma. Her visit was sponsored by Kenyon's visiting artist program. "Honorée Jeffers lights up any room she enters," says Professor of English David Lynn, who, as editor of the Kenyon Review, has published some of her work.

Summer Send-off. It's Kenyon's version of Woodstock, Lollapalooza, and the Battle of the Bands all rolled into one. Ten bands out under the spring sky. Food. Dancing. Games. This year's end-of-the-year festival took place on April 30, headlined by Madeski, Martin, and Wood.