Sports Round-Up

Men's Basketball

Record:5-21 overall, 4-12 NCAC

Recap: The Lords were a young, undersized group that relied heavily on shooting accuracy and faced a persistent battle against opponents that dominated the interior game.

Remark: Head coach Matt Croci: "We‑were disappointed with our final results, but there were positives to take away. We never stopped competing and we showed consistent improvement. It was rough, but our experiences this year will pay off in the future."

Recognize: All-NCAC Team: Matt Formato. All-Region Team: Matt Formato.

Women's Basketball

Record:22-5 overall, 14-2 NCAC

Recap: The Ladies won the NCAC title and posted the second-best record in the program's history. They attacked opponents with a relentless defense that ranked third in the nation. Their remarkable run unfortunately ended with a loss in the final game of the conference tournament.

Remark: Head coach Suzanne Helfant: "It was a dream season. I am most proud of the relationships and the bonds formed, for it was the strength of the group that allowed us to achieve well above expectation."

Recognize: All-NCAC Team: Anne Dugan, Dana Halicki, and Katy Zeanah. NCAC Newcomer of the Year: Anne Dugan. NCAC Coach of the Year: Suzanne Helfant.

Men's Indoor Track & Field

Record: Lords placed ninth at NCAC Championship.

Recap: The construction of the new athletics center, combined with a nasty winter, gave the Lords extremely limited space and time to practice. Although the team's sacrifice will surely pay off in the long run, the drawbacks this season were evident in the Lords' final results.

Remark: Head coach Duane Gomez: "We obviously struggled through the season. Without the necessary resources, it was difficult for our athletes to remain competitive. Still, we had several outstanding individual performances."

Women's Indoor Track & Field

Record: Ladies placed eighth at NCAC Championship.

Recap: The Ladies confronted the same hardships as the Lords but used a deeper roster to garner more points at the conference championship. Junior Katie Walker set the College record and won the conference title in the long jump. Classmate Katy Cameron broke College records in the pole vault, the 55-meter dash, and the 200-meter dash.

Remark: Head coach Duane Gomez: "The women made the most of what they had and turned in a respectable season, considering the circumstances involving our facilities. We had some record-breaking performances and things will only continue to get better in the future."

Recognize: All-NCAC Team: Katy Cameron and Katie Walker.

Men's Swimming & Diving

Record: Lords won their twenty-sixth consecutive NCAA Championship.

Recap: The Kenyon men continued their winning ways with their eighth straight conference title and their NCAA-record, twenty-sixth straight national title. The team overcame a relay disqualification at nationals, won eleven of twenty events, broke two NCAA records, and outdistanced runner-up Emory University by over 150 points.

Remark: Head coach Jim Steen: "Following on the heels of the women's loss, the men had a point to prove. And prove it they did! Led by our seniors, who accounted for seven of our eleven wins, the men competed as if this was their first and only opportunity to swim fast."‑‑

Recognize: NCAA Swimmer of the Year: Elliot Rushton. All-America awards: Thomas Ashby (6), Andrejs Duda (6), Russell Hunt (5),Joey Gosselar (4), Gabriel Rodrigues (4), Elliot Rushton (4), Travis Brennion (3), Davis Zarins (3), Jimmy Berger (2), Paul Kaminsky (2), Alex Rantz (2), Will Wakefield (2), David DeHart (1), Michael Northcutt (1), Kyle Packer (1), and Alex Stoyel (1).

Women's Swimming & Diving

Record: Ladies placed second at NCAA Championship.

Recap: A young Kenyon team claimed its twentieth conference title but just missed out on capturing its twenty-first NCAA title. The Ladies were unable to win any events at the national meet, which cleared the way for Emory University to capture its first crown.

Remark: Head coach Jim Steen: "With no returning national champions, we were in effect starting from square one as a national contender. Although we were very proud of the team for how far it came this season, the majority of our improvement occurred before nationals, and not at the meet."

Recognize: All-America awards: Meilyn Chan (6), Jessica Connors (6), Rebecca Allison (4), Kate Coker (4), Emelyne Dengler (4), Rachel Smith (4), Danielle Korman (3), Jennie Miller (3), Emily Feelen (2), Jaime Straub (2), Marissa Misslin (1), Katie Randall (1), and Alyssa Toran (1).

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