Gambier is talking about...

Citizens of the Year.
Susan Spaid, faculty lectureships and common hour coordinator, and Ruth Woehr, Olin Art Gallery director, were honored at Gambier's annual Fourth of July Parade for their work on the village's zoning and planning commission.

A May 3 vote on a $41.5-million bond issue for the construction of new elementary schools in Mount Vernon sparked a community debate about whether Kenyon students, most of whom don't own property locally--but who legally can declare residency in Gambier--should vote on the issue. The levy failed, with 45 percent of voters in favor and 55 percent against.

A Blooming Japanese Pagoda.
The tree, also known as a scholar tree, bloomed this spring with thousands of white, pea-like flowers. The tree took Kenyon's gardening and grounds crew, as well as much of the Gambier community, by surprise. Pagoda trees typically bloom in the summer, but no one could recall the tree blooming in the last thirty years.