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The Best of the Kenyon Review, the anthology that was just published by the literary magazine, was reviewed in the Friday, October 31, Wall Street Journal. "There was a time when all of literary culture seemed to nest inside the 'little magazines,'" reads the review by Erich Eichman. "It was in their pages that serious poets, critics, polemicists, and short-story writers found an audience, if not always an income. One of the few such magazines that survive today is the Kenyon Review."

The Review and the anthology were also featured in the Tuesday, October 29, Columbus Dispatch, which interviewed editor David Lynn '76. In the article, Kathy Fagan, co-editor of the Ohio State University literary magazine, The Journal, calls the Review "one of the richest and most internationally famous of any U.S. literary magazines."

Kenyon was mentioned in the Sunday, October 26, New York Times in a story about high anxiety in the college admissions process. The piece describes how college admissions has become one of the toughest games in town. "I had a kid recently who was taking five APs, was head of the student council, and he was so stressed out," Elizabeth Schulzinger '04, a student interviewer at Kenyon, is quoted as saying. "You could see it in his face--'I'm really smart and I'm not going to get in anywhere.' It's awful. It's like he thought he was going to ruin the rest of his life if he didn't get in. I really wish I could tell him, 'You're going to be O.K., I promise you.'"

The naming of Ashley Rowatt '03 as the NCAA Woman of the Year garnered attention in such media as the Duluth News Tribune, the Fort Wayne News Sentinel, the Knoxville News Sentinel, Sports Illustrated, the Miami Herald, MSNBC, USA Today, and the Times Picayune. The awards ceremony was broadcast on Friday, December 5, on ESPN2.

This year's ceremony for the Kenyon Review Award for Literary Achievement was mentioned in the Tuesday, October 28, New York Times. Novelist Joyce Carol Oates received the award on Tuesday, November 11, at the restaurant Daniel in New York City. Last year's winner, E. L. Doctorow '52, presented the award.

Director of Public Affairs Shawn Presley was quoted in the Tuesday, September 23, Columbus Dispatch in a story about how the term "first-year student" is replacing the word "freshman" at colleges and universities across the country. "We wanted to be more gender inclusive," Presley was quoted as saying. "Freshman is not gender inclusive."

Kenyon was mentioned in the Wednesday, September 3, New York Times. The story talks about how universities such as Harvard, New York University (NYU), and Yale are looking at ways to improve undergraduate education. Harvard, for example, is trying to encourage more engagement between senior faculty members and undergraduates. The president of New York University has come up with a proposal for "teaching professors" who devote time to mentoring and advising undergraduates, as opposed to spending thirty or forty hours a week on research. Richard Chait, a higher education professor at Harvard, questions whether NYU's president can attract the faculty he needs to succeed with his plan. "I'll be a believer," Chat is quoted as saying, "when he goes to Williams, Amherst, Bryn Mawr, and Kenyon and raids the best teachers there."

Kenyon was ranked number thirty in U.S. News and World Report's annual rankings of the nation's "best liberal-arts colleges." Last year, the College was number twenty-nine. Williams College took the top spot, followed by Amherst College at number two and Swarthmore College at number three. Oberlin College dropped one spot to number twenty-four. Denison University was listed at number forty-nine.

Kenyon was mentioned in the September 1 edition of U.S. News and World Report, the "America's Best Colleges" issue (which includes the rankings noted above). In a story entitled "The Admissions Maze," a section about wait lists reports that a whopping 50 percent of colleges reported an increase in the number of students placed on the wait list. Kenyon is no exception. "Last year, 211 students were put on the wait list, forty-five of whom were ultimately accepted," reports the magazine.

The Princeton Review listed Kenyon in its annual rankings of the 351 best colleges. The College ranks number eleven in the category "professors bring material to life," number ten in "professors make themselves available," number ten for a "beautiful campus," and number sixteen for "happy students."

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