Kenyon Alumni Bulletin: Volume 28, Number 4; Spring/Summer 2006


Rockin' the Horn

Andrew Irvin '08 makes Kenyon a destination for indie bands

Ten Burning Questions

Kenyon professors shed light on some questions that won't leave us alone.

Election Reverberations

Matthew Segal '08 continues his crusade for election reform, as an Oscar-nominated filmmaker turns the spotlight on Kenyon

Begetting Energy

A new athletic center transforms the life of sport at Kenyon.

News Makers

The Collegian celebrates 150 years

The Editor's Page

A Larger Sense

Immersed in transience, newspapers embrace the world in its infinitude.

Letters to the Editor

Along Middle Path

Gender in the Admissions Game

In an influential op-ed essay, Kenyon's admissions dean confronts a challenging reality

Kenyon in the News

The Hot Sheet

Kerry, Coffee, Kate, and six other things we love about Kenyon

A (Biomedical) Ticket to Ireland

Wrecking Crew

Gambier is talking about...


Acting Dean of Students Cheryl Steele leaves Kenyon.


New York Story


Ash and Scho

Sports Round-Up

Faculty News

Cross Word Puzzle

Coffins and Nails

Prizewinning Poetry

Faculty Digest

Alumni News

Alumni News

Eye of the Storm

In The Feast

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Donald B. Hamister '44

The Last Page

"You'll Figure It Out,"

Or, how my nonreporting career at the Collegian prepared me to cover millage rates, tiki huts, and American Idol.