Kenyon Alumni Bulletin: Volume 30, Number 1; Fall 2007


The Haunted Kenyon Tour

Truth or truthiness? Whether you believe them or not, ghost stories form a vivid part of Kenyon lore. Here are some of the most fabled haunted spots on campus.

Along Local Roads

The Food for Thought program has led Kenyon students to ideas, experiences, and relationships that go far beyond the use of Knox County produce in the dining halls.

Loose Suits and Dangling Modifiers

A participant recalls the brilliant but eccentric cast of characters, penetrating literary insights, and unforgettable softball games of the 1950 Kenyon School of English.

Lightning Rod For Tumult

Charismatic but controversial, Leopoldo Lopez '93 emerges as a rising star of Venezuela's opposition movement.

The Editor's Page

Garden Year

Letters to the Editor

Along Middle Path

Keen to be Green

Newman's Own College

Freelancing the Light Fantastic

From juvenilia to juvenile author, junior Ann Pedtke builds up a record of publications

Kenyon in the News

The Hot Sheet

Fitted jeans, formal Fridays, Facebook follies, and six other things we love about Kenyon

Sound Bites

What's your Kenyon Quotient?

Amazing Corn Maze

A Nonet of Fellows

With nine winners, Kenyon continues as a top producer of Fulbrights

Inspirers and Igniters

Students sing the praises of Thomas Turgeon and Adam Serfass, winners of the 2007 Trustee Teaching Excellence Awards


No Limits

Energy over illness, joy over hurt: Elly Deutch won't let setbacks slow her down

Sports Round-Up


Imbibing with the Uninitiated


Office Hours

Burning Question: Is the printed book dead?

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates recently said the death of paper-based books is imminent. A survey done in 2004 by the National Endowment for the Arts reported literary reading is in dramatic decline, with fewer than half of American adults now reading literature. What does this mean for the future of print publications? We asked David Lynn '76, editor of the Kenyon Review.

Sabbaticals are in the books

What's New in the Classroom?

Musings: On Being Wrong

Physics professor Benjamin W. Schumacher celebrates an underrated condition.

Souvenirs Retrouvés

Karen Snouffer commemorates her father's WWII service in art

Alumni News

Alumni Digest

Class Notes

Seeking the intellectual return

A hedge-fund honcho reinvents himself as a film financier

For the love of bones

From mere fragments, Gina Sorrentino seeks larger stories.

In Memoriam


The Last Page

Becoming Ghosts