What's your Kenyon Quotient?

Which Kenyon a cappella singing group came first?
A. The Chasers
B. The Kokosingers
C. The Owl Creek Singers
D. The Pealers

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Answer: A. The Chasers
Frank T. Lendrim, the College choir director, founded the Chasers in 1964. The group was noted for its high-spirited renditions of fraternity songs, barbershop numbers, and spirituals. Originally all-male, it became coed soon after female students arrived at Kenyon. The Kokosingers emerged just a year later, created by Pedro L. Arango '68, James S. Hecox '69, Lee P. Van Voris '67, and Thomas E. Ulrich '69; it remains an all-male group. The all-female Owl Creek Singers originated in 1974. The Pealers, of course, are not a singing group; they play the chapel bells.