The Hot Sheet

Fitted jeans, formal Fridays, Facebook follies, and six other things we love about Kenyon

Formal Fridays. Corporate Americans aren't the only ones who are abandoning casual Fridays. Fifty-seven Kenyon students expressed interest in a social group called Formal Fridays, donning dressy attire for the end of the week. Sounds more like freaky Friday to us.

Croquet. The lawn game is enjoying a recreational renaissance among students. Students participating in the Summer Science Scholars program played during the summer, and an English class organized an event where students arrived in period costume, although it wasn't clear which period.

Gambier Grillin'. The Collegian created this popular weekly feature, in which two students and two faculty members are asked truly wacky questions. Correct answers receive points, and the paper keeps a running tally of which side possesses more useless knowledge. Do you know what animal always falls on its right side when intoxicated? Neither did our faculty or students. The correct answer: an ant.

Jeans that Fit. Kenyon men have abandoned the baggy jeans associated with hip-hop culture in favor of slimmer styles. It's about time.

David Gregory. The chief White House correspondent for NBC News delivered the Commencement address on May 19 during the College's 179th ceremony on Samuel Mather Lawn.

Sombrero Fallout. That's the name of the student group that won Kenyon's "Battle of the Bands" last spring and opened for De La Soul at Summer Sendoff, the all-campus party celebrating the end of the year. The group describes itself as "hipster-hop, Waldo rock, and wheelie-suitcase rap." Huh?

Facebook Follies. Students used Facebook, the popular social networking website, to broadcast favorite one-liners "overheard at Kenyon." A gem: "Really, life is like playing the harp with your toes. In a snake pit." A professor reportedly uttered these words in a lecture, as the class furiously scribbled notes.

Brotherhood 2.0. Students are following the Internet lives of John Green '00 and his brother, Hank, who jointly pledged to communicate exclusively via video blogs for an entire year. Their videos include challenges such as "eating five sheets of toilet paper while discussing the political situation in Nepal" and punishments like "chin waxing" for missing a day of blogging. Join the fun at

Running Everywhere. Steven Klise '08 is responsible for resurrecting Run Everywhere Day, an event begun by Jonathan Forney '06. The goal? Make every step of the day a gallop. Another day in the life of the young and the restless.