Sound Bites

"Don't take this the wrong way, Gambier, but this is kind of a weird place. It's like entering the twilight zone."
--Stand-up comedian and Daily Show correspondent John Oliver, in an April 26 appearance at Kenyon

"Always be yourself ...unless you find that isn't working for you."
--NBC White House correspondent David Gregory, speaking to the graduating class at May's Commencement ceremony

"OMG, you guys. I have this theory, and this theory is that every time you walk down Middle Path you see someone you know!"
--A first-year student as quoted in the Facebook "Overheard at Kenyon" group. The statement was also printed on T-shirts and sold by the Archon Society.

"The communities we need to build in order to slow down global warming are the same kind of communities that are going to be resilient and durable enough to help adapt to that which we can't prevent. In the not very distant future, having neighbors is going to be more important than having belongings. Membership in a community is going to become important once again both psychologically and physically in the way that it's been for most of human history."
--Author and environmentalist Bill McKibben, who spoke at Kenyon in April, in an interview with McKibben, who elaborated on these thoughts at Kenyon, is the author, most recently, of Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future.