Kenyon Alumni Bulletin: Volume 29, Number 4; Spring/Summer 2007


Concert Grand Tour

So you're the Kenyon music department and the College budget finally includes money to buy the perfect piano for Rosse Hall. Big, beautiful sound. Expressive keyboard action. A winning personality. Your next step?

Eye on Terrorism

Kenyon alumni in diverse professions are grappling with one of society's big challenges.

The Forty-Year-Old Freshman

A writer, former Kenyon swimmer, and professional adventurer takes on the ultimate challenge: come back to college and test your lingering sense of eternal youth.

Crusader Against Cruelty

Animal rights activist Jeff Dorson '80 was so determined to stop dog-fighting in Louisiana that he went undercover, risking his own life for the sake of a more humane world.

The Editor's Page

Loving Lincoln

Letters to the Editor

Along Middle Path

Then and Now

Gambier is Talking about...

Kenyon in the News

The Hot Sheet

Paint, Pageants, Paradise, and six other things we love about Kenyon

Sound Bites

Test your KQ

A First Job--at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Molly Flanagan was looking ahead to her final semester at Kenyon, when a call came from the White House


Guns, Drugs, and Elvis: A Guide to Research for Fiction Writers

A novelist and creative writing teacher revises the injunction to "write what you know"



A Level-Headed Optimist

A Sri Lankan sophomore embraces the joys of tennis and Kenyon

Sports Round-Up

Office Hours

Burning Question: Will it help or hurt to increase the minimum wage?

This winter Congress voted to raise the federal minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour (although, at press time, the legislation was bogged down). Proponents argue that an increase will help workers; opponents contend it will eliminate jobs. What do economists say? We asked Assistant Professor of Economics Jay Corrigan.

Little Metal Things

Pilgrimage souvenirs help art history professor Sarah Blick recreate the world of the Middle Ages

Faculty Digest

Touching the Page, Finding the Past

Alumni News

Alumni Digest

Tenacity, with a Contemplative Streak

A Kenyon football standout with a taste for political philosophy, Zack Space '83 now represents his alma mater in Congress

Beyond the Buzzer

Lords basketball star Shaka Smart '99 plays bigger arenas now, as a coach at Clemson

In Memoriam


Donald S. Rothchild '49

Helen Zelkowitz h'06

Caleb Gottinger '10

The Last Page

The Corrections