Sound Bites

"It's like trying to get pregnant, going through a painful labor, then you give birth to six, eight, ten of them at a time and it's not even remotely comfortable."
--Clothing designer Eric Gaskins '80, who spoke at Kenyon in November, on putting together a fashion collection

"It's easy to feel it's someone else's policy, it's someone else's war. But it isn't; it's ours."
--Journalist George Packer, on American attitudes toward the war in Iraq. Packer, the author of The Assassin's Gate: America in Iraq, spoke at Kenyon in September

"Look guys, lay off the scabies, okay? They have just as much of a right to life as any of us--they are God's creatures, just like us, and we ought to respect that before we start complaining indiscriminately." --Collegian humor columnist Andrew Cunningham '08, writing about an unpleasant campus outbreak

"It might be my imagination, but it seems as if I see more and more student-athletes with ice on their appendages. I'm not concerned about their injuries. My concern is whether our students, all of them, are working too hard. How much down time do they have? Do they have time for civic engagement? Do they have time to relax with friends in the dining hall? Do they have time to reflect on life?" --Music professor Dane Heuchemer at a campus forum on balancing athletics and academics. (He was joking about not caring about their injuries.)