Gambier is Talking About...

Bomb threats. Kenyon was one of several colleges and universities plagued by e-mailed bomb threats early in the fall semester. College buildings and local businesses were evacuated on more than one occasion while administrators consulted with the FBI and local law enforcement officials.

Gas. New life was pumped into the heart of downtown Gambier with the reopening of the service station that had been shuttered for more than a year. A joint effort by Kenyon and the village government led to a lease agreement between the College and James Lee of Mount Vernon.

Neff on the move. The fall semester found Neff House perched on steel beams and temporary wood supports just a few yards from the spot on which it had sat since 1850. The house, which will become the home of the Kenyon Review, was moved onto a stronger, functional basement. The new site will also afford the building a more prominent and visible position along Wiggin Street.

The future of voting. Knox County election officials attended a campus forum in November to discuss voting laws and student participation in the 2008 presidential election--and to note Gambier precinct changes designed to avoid the marathon waits of 2004.