The Hot Sheet

Weird Ohio. Kenyon is included in the book Weird Ohio: Your Travel Guide to Ohio's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets. Two pages are devoted to Kenyon in a chapter titled "Haunted Places and Ghostly Tales." The book claims that a "large number of supernatural entities roam the buildings and grounds." Smells like damnation with faint praise.

Football Fortitude. This fall's football roster includes twenty-seven first-year students from nine states. When head coach Ted Stanley arrived at Kenyon in 2003, the entire team numbered only twenty-six players. Go Lords!

Squash in Season. Founded in 2003, Kenyon's squash club has gained visibility and recognition since the opening of the Kenyon Athletic Center, which contains eight international-size courts. Some club members hope the College will recognize squash as a varsity sport. Would that be winter squash or summer squash? Spring? Fall?

A New Saint. At this summer's general convention, the Episcopal Church voted to honor Philander Chase, Kenyon's founder and first bishop of Ohio, with a September 22 feast day, part of the Lesser Feasts and Fasts calendar. Chase had been approved for a three-year trial period in 2003. He now takes his place in a commemorative calendar honoring men and women who exemplified heroic commitment to Christ-Episcopalian "saints."

Kenyon's Biggest Loser. This summer, members of the Kenyon community participated in a weight-loss program that took its title from the NBC reality TV show. Individually and in teams, almost eighty people signed up for the ten-week program, which entailed nutrition and lifestyle advice, exercise sessions, weekly weigh-ins-and prizes (in both the individual and team categories) for those who lost the largest percentage of their body weight. Stay tuned for the faculty edition of What Not to Wear.

The Game. All over campus, students can be heard exclaiming, "I lost the game!" The game, known as "the game," is a word- of-mouth metacognition exercise. There are three simple rules:

  1. Once you hear about the game, you're playing the game.
  2. If you think about the game, you've lost the game. There is a thirty-minute grace period after you learn about the game, so you haven't lost yet.
  3. When you lose the game, you must announce it loudly. Everyone within earshot who knows the game then enters a thirty-minute grace period. Inevitably, someone will ask what "the game" is. Tell them. Now they're playing-and even though you lost the game, you're playing, too (see Rule 1).

A Dining Hall Alternative. Alexandra Roland '09 and Benjamin Berdan '09 started a cooking club at Kenyon this fall. The club meets on Friday afternoons to socialize, test recipes, share culinary techniques, and escape from institutional fare.

Big Givers. Gifts to the College far outstripped expectations again this year, with a record number of donors contributing more than $4.2 million to the Kenyon Fund and the Kenyon Parents Fund. The Kenyon Fund was up 8 percent over last year, while giving to the Kenyon Parents Fund increased by more than 15 percent.

Dodgeball. Twenty-two students are members of the Kenyon Intramural Dodgeball League. Approximately ten form a core of dedicated players, but the league holds matches open to anyone-including faculty and staff-who shows up. Welcome back to fifth-grade gym.

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