Far-Flung Fulbrights

Eleven students, eight countries, four continents: A record number of Fulbright fellowships has been awarded to Kenyon students, taking them to varied destinations across the globe in 2006-07. Kenyon's winners, chosen by the Fulbright foundation, will spend a year teaching or pursuing research in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

Last year, six Kenyon students won Fulbrights, placing Kenyon high on the list of liberal arts colleges considered to be top producers of Fulbright fellows.

A twelfth student, Amy Ream '06, has been certified as an alternate to teach English in South Korea. Alternates receive a grant if a principal candidate declines the offer of a grant or if funds become available for additional grants.

Karly Burke '06 (top center) of Woodbury, Minnesota, won an award to teach English in South Korea. Burke has declined the Fulbright and accepted the George J. Mitchell Scholarship.

Maeba Jonas '06 (top right) of Alexandria, Virginia, will conduct research on Theravada nuns in Nepal.

Kurt Hollender '06 (second row left) of Berea, Ohio, will teach English in Germany.

Brian McAllester '04 (second row center) of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, will launch a teaching assistantship program in Bulgaria.

Kathleen Barney '06 (second row right) of Atlanta, Georgia, will teach in South Korea.

Megan Walker '06 (third row left) of Montrose, Colorado, will teach English in Germany.

Regina Rosi '06 (third row center) of Grayling, Michigan, will travel to Mexico to study the implications of bilingual, intercultural education in Yucatán.

Lara Gallant '06 (third row right) of Charlotte, North Carolina, will teach English in Germany.

Rachel Ort '06 (bottom left) of Orland, Pennsylvania, will research the impact of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) on democracy in Botswana.

Carolyn Hayes Wong '06 (bottom center) of Atlanta, Georgia, will conduct research in China on the forces affecting maternal education about hepatitis B.

Seth Bernstein '05 (bottom right) of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, will teach in Russia.