Kenyon Alumni Bulletin: Volume 29, Number 3; Winter 2007


Night Owls: A Photo Essay

Glimpses of a nocturnal Kenyon.

Big City, Kenyon Comfort

In cities around the country, young Kenyon graduates find their footing by finding one another.


In his most recent volume of essays, award-winning novelist E.L. Doctorow explores the sources of creativity. Creationists: Selected Essays 1993-2006, published by Random House, probes the genius of artists and thinkers ranging from the biblical authors of Genesis, to Melville, to Einstein. Appearing among these essays is the following appreciation of the comic pantomime of Harpo Marx, originally commissioned by The Little Bookroom as an introduction to Harpo Speaks . . . About New York (2001), a memoir of the second-oldest Marx brother's childhood years.

The Kenyon Trivia Quiz

You always knew the College had a fascinating history. But did you know what Lord Gambier did for a living or the name of the play in which Paul Newman appeared in drag?

The Editor's Page

Open All Night

Letters to the Editor

Along Middle Path

Pitching Tents, Pitching In

Students camp out to draw attention to the plight of the homeless

Gambier is Talking about...

Kenyon in the News

The Hot Sheet

Puzzles, pottery, puff pieces, and six other things we love about Kenyon

Sound Bites

Kenyon Welcomes an Increasingly Diverse Class of 2010

Ian McEwan Wins Kenyon Review Award

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down...


You Can Go Home Again



Shot Swatter

Compete: At six-foot seven, sophomore Allen Bediako is making Kenyon basketball history as a shot blocker.

Sports Round-Up

Faculty News

Two portals

Sociologist Jan Thomas sends her students beyond the classroom walls

Lightning Strikes Twice

Simon Garcia receives grant from the Dreyfus Foundation

Faculty Digest

Alumni News

Alumni Digest

Documenting Injustices

Doug Johnston '69 lends his legal talent to the fight against modern slavery

Shooting Fish in a Barrel

In Memoriam


Ruth Thomas Bemis H'05

The Last Page

Dumping Facebook