The Kenyon Trivia Quiz

You always knew that the College had a fascinating history. But did you know what Lord Gambier did for a living or the name of the play in which Paul Newman appeared in drag?

In the beginning, Philander Chase climbed the Hill, planted the upside-down tree, sang a song about asphodel, wrote a poem for the Kenyon Review, and coached the football team to victory over Ohio State.

Or was it an asphodel tree and a poetry-team victory over Sewanee?

None of the above?

Kenyon history can be confusing. For one thing, there's so much of it. For another, fact and legend easily blur in the minds of students, who pass through in four preoccupied years, registering some big names and major events but remaining hazy about details. Everybody knows that John Crowe Ransom had something to do with the Kenyon Review, but what about Roberta Teale Swartz? And what exactly is asphodel, anyway?

Welcome to the Bulletin's Kenyon trivia quiz, where the questions will range from the truly trivial (how many times did Lord Kenyon visit the College?) to the terribly troubling (how long, really, is mile-long Middle Path?).

Try your luck.