What's your Kenyon Quotient?

Where was the first home of the Kenyon Review?

A. In the basement of the Church of the Holy Spirit.
B. In the basement of Ascension Hall.
C. It has always been located in the basement of Sunset Cottage.
D. In the converted attic of the Village Inn building.

Select the box below to see the answer.

Answer: B. The basement of Ascension Hall.

Yes, the august journal was born (in 1939) in a dank corner of the Ascension basement. In the early 1960s, after founding editor John Crowe Ransom had retired, it moved to the second floor of the newly named Ransom Hall. Later it took up quarters in the building that now houses the alumni office. Financial problems killed the journal in 1970. After its revival in 1979, it moved to cramped basement offices in Sunset Cottage; then, in 2002, to more spacious quarters in Walton House. This fall, the Review relocates to Neff Cottage (which will be renamed Finn House). Incidentally, Sunset Cottage--so intimately tied to the College's modern literary life--became home to the English department only in the 1970s. Earlier, it was a residence, housing faculty families as well as at least three Kenyon presidents.

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