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Hooray for Kenyonwood!

Todd Leavitt '73 and the Regional Association of Los Angeles hosted a mixer at Rush Street Bar in Culver City, California, on Monday, August 18. The event, dubbed the Kenyonwood Mixer, was a meet and greet for Kenyon alumni, parents, and friends involved in or just intrigued by the entertainment industry.

Help spread the word

Kenyon's alumni know the College best. That's why the Office of Admissions is seeking volunteers to participate in the Kenyon Alumni Admissions Network. The network is designed to connect alumni to prospective students. Prospective students want to know everything they can about Kenyon--and alumni are well-suited to articulate what makes Kenyon a special place.

Volunteers with the Kenyon Alumni Admissions Network do the following:

  • Conduct local alumni interviews (no more than three per year).
  • Serve as representatives at college fairs (one fall or one spring).
  • Act as school stewards, involving outreach to students who have expressed an interest in Kenyon from a high school in their area. Volunteers can work with their own alma maters or with a target school identified by the admissions office.
  • Attend winter receptions for prospective students and their families.
  • Follow up with admitted students with whom they have had contact during the admissions process.

Full-time network volunteers will be expected to contribute no more than eight hours of their time in a given academic year. Volunteer opportunities may vary from year to year depending upon the expressed interest by prospective students in a particular area.

For more information on the Kenyon Alumni Admissions Network, e-mail or visit The Web site gives current volunteer opportunities by area and gives information on how to become part of the network.

Bulletin Board

Save the Date
Tuesday, October 7
Learning in the Company of Friends, New York, New York, with Writer-in-Residence P.F. Kluge

Wednesday, October 22
Learning in the Company of Friends, Atlanta, Georgia, with Professor of Political Science Pamela Jensen

Wednesday, November 5
Learning in the Company of Friends, St. Louis, Missouri, with Associate Professor of History Glenn McNair

Tuesday, November 18
Learning in the Company of Friends, Chicago, Illinois, with Professor of Political Science Fred Baumann

April 19-22, 2009
Post-fiftieth reunion

May 29-31, 2009
Reunion Weekend

Picture this

Do you have any historical Kenyon photos that you would like to put on display? The Gambier Grill (formerly the Pirate's Cove) is currently being remodeled and will soon sport historical, black-and-white photos of Kenyon and Gambier. Submitted photographs will not be returned. Send any photographs to Greg Diamond, Gambier Grill, 101 Brooklyn Street, Gambier, Ohio 43022.

Awards and honors

Distinguished alumni volunteers are recognized each year at the Reunion Weekend Awards Luncheon. The Alumni Council selects and recognizes alumni who exemplify Kenyon's dedication to excellence and commitment to service. To nominate an alumnus or alumna, please send a letter of support with your reason for the nomination to Lisa Schott '80 by e-mail at or by mail: Office of Alumni and Parent Programs, 103 Chase Avenue, Gambier, OH 43022. Nominations for 2009 are due by February 1, 2009.

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