Test your KQ

Kenyon's early supporters and leaders were an impressive and fascinating group. From the following lists, match the Kenyon notable with the accomplishment, event, or factoid.

(1) Timothy Wiggin (A) Was sent to England by President Abraham Lincoln to argue against British recognition of the Confederacy
(2) Hannah More (B) During the American defense of Fort Erie in 1814, created a gun replacement that bore his name.
(3) Charles Pettit Mcllvaine (C) Wrote a conservative tract countering the arguments in Thomas Paine's Rights of Man.
(4) George Wharton Marriott (D) Once broke two ribs in a stage coach accident.
(5) Lord Gambier (E) Went to Dartmouth with Philander Chase.
(6) David Bates Douglass (F) A mountain in Australia, an island near Vancouver, and islands in French Polynesia bear this person's name.
(7) Philander Chase (G) It was through this person that Philander Chase came to know Lord Kenyon.

KQ Answer:
1. Timothy Wiggin (E)
2. Hannah More (C)
3. Charles Pettit Mcllvaine (A)
4. George Wharton Marriott (G)
5. Lord Gambier (F)
6. David Bates Douglass (B)
7. Philander Chase (D)

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