Kenyon in Quotes

"Every time someone sells, transplants, or moves a piece of human tissue from one body to another, there should be a record." -- Investigative journalist Scott Carney '00, in an interview with the New Indian Express of Chennai, India, about his book The Red Market, which explores the global marketing of human organs and child trafficiking.

"We started using face paint in the video for 'Anna Sun' because we were throwing around themes of Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, and Neverland." -- Musician Nicholas Petricca '09, in an interview with the Baltimore Sun about the Walk the Moon song that borrows the name of ANna Xiao Dong Sun, assistant professor of sociology.

"Fit happens!" -- Jennifer Delahunty, dean of admissions and financial aid, quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education in a column about the admissions myth of a perfect fit for a student at a college.

"It can be a bit lonely out there on stage by yourself." -- Meg Merckens '75, in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls (Iowa) Courier about her profrmance as Ann Landers in the one-woman play Lady with All the Answers.

"Deep down, I chose to attend Kenyon because it had a Gothic charm reminiscent of Hogwarts." -- Greg Culley '14, in an interview with the Plain Dealer of Cleveland, Ohio.

"Don't you think that studio marketing departments have gone a lonf way to confuse audiences about whoa ctually creates films these days?" -- Jonathan Sherman, assistant professor of film, in an Arizona Republic story about the fading prominence of directors in film marketing.

"The limit on ownership gives birth to the public doman, that vast realm of expression to which all of us have equal access." -- Lewis Hyde, Riochard L. thomas Professor of Creative Writing and author of Common as Air, about intellectual property and the "cultural commons," in a column posted at about U.S. Supreme Court consideration of the limits of copyright protection. DeliciousFacebook FacebookStumbleUpon StumbleUponDigg Diggreddit reddit