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Thrilling News

The Thrill, a daily blog produced by the Collegian, spices up local cyberspace with amusing observations, off-beat reportage, Kenyon-esque lists, one-sentence editorials, and some real news. The site assessed a recent three-minute campus blackout by noting: just long enough to be promising but too short for anything interesting to really start happening.

Combative Classes

Math professor Judy Holdener pumped up her students in a two-hour calculus class by urging them to think of it as "calculus boot camp." Holdener wore genuine military fatigues and combat boots for a day and encouraged the class to do the same. The few. The proud. The mathematicians.

Top Chefs

Two student teams competed to make the best dessert in Kenyon's edition of Top Chef. One group shopped for ingredients at Wal-Mart while the other shopped at the Village Market. Judging factored in taste, price, and convenience. Pudding pie made from ingredients at the market trounced chocolate chip cookies. Hooray for Jell-O pudding!


The Buddhist Society, which holds meditation sessions, received club status from the Student Life Committee. The Collegian blessed the popular group as the "club that holds the largest non-alcoholic events."

Theology on Tap

The Newman Club, a Catholic student organization, sponsored Theology on Tap at the Village Inn. The program is part of a widespread movement encouraging faith-related discussion in comfortable settings like bars. Next VI topic: turning water into wine?

Tending Bar

The Village Inn offers a bartending course for students. In addition to mixology, students learn how to deal with alcohol responsibly. A great way to "top off" a liberal arts education.

Holy Pets

Harcourt Parish sponsored its yearly blessing of the pets on the chapel lawn. Participants were able to donate to the Knox County Humane Society. Priase the Lord and pass the kibble.


Bob Brown, part-time associate director of admissions, started K-Bikes, which loans bicycles free-of-charge to international students and offers a public bike-rental program through the bookstore. Brown builds his fleet by refurbishing abandoned bikes. DeliciousFacebook FacebookStumbleUpon StumbleUponDigg Diggreddit reddit