Kenyon in Quotes

“When you have nothing but small classes from the beginning to the end . . . and you need to participate, there is an expectation that you will be prepared.”
— Provost Nayef Samhat, explaining the strong study habits of Kenyon students to the Washington Post.

“Dad, I just watched the trailer. That's my haircut from third grade!”
Casey Beane '12, in a conversation with her father, Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane, about her depiction in the film Moneyball, as reported by Sports Illustrated.

“I'm captured. I know this man. He's in me and many of my colleagues. He says he wants to retire and then . . . comes to dread the loss of work, purpose, identity, authority, recognition.”
— Writer-in-Residence P.F. Kluge '64, writing for Peace Corps Worldwide about a professor character pushed into retirement in the film Liberal Arts.

“I think differently than a lot of people, which is what brings the subtleties to my work.”
Jonathan Mannion '93, explaining his success as the country's top hip-hop photographer, in Hypebeast.

“Just meeting the girls motivated me. I wanted to be a leader.”
Jamie Samuel '13, describing to the Malibu (California) Times her determination to achieve a successful third season on the Ladies softball team after she met the incoming first-year class. Jamie went on to set five offensive records.

“Yes, we are going to do this!”
Jazz Glastra '11, in OnMilwaukee, on her work creating interest in food gardening with the Victory Garden Initiative in Milwaukee.

“The whole thing has always been about celebrating creativity and doing creative stuff.”
Hugh Forrest '84, commenting about his job as director of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, in the Austin (Texas) American-Statesman. DeliciousFacebook FacebookStumbleUpon StumbleUponDigg Diggreddit reddit