Kenyon Alumni Bulletin: Volume 30, Number 4; Spring/Summer 2008


Anatomy of Happiness

Laura King '86, who uses hard science to dissect the art of happiness, offers some answers to the age-old question: how to live a life of meaning and well-being.

Tour Talk

Thinking on their (backward-shuffling) feet, Kenyon's tour guides find themselves answering questions on everything from hook-ups to horses

What's Happening to the News?

Kenyon alumni reflect on the shifting media landscape.

The Editor's Page

Walking Backward

Letters to the Editor

Along Middle Path

Filled to the Brim with Hope

Athletes aid water purification efforts in the developing world

Then and Now: Swimming Victories

Champs again

Kenyon without Loans

Newman campaign gift will allow needy students to attend Kenyon, loan-free

Gambier is Talking About...

Kenyon in the News

The Hot Sheet

Pennies, Pasta, Pompoms, and six other things we love about Kenyon

Sound Bites


The Right Stuff

Chris Yorlano sets himself high standards on two teams, and in the classroom

Sports Round-Up


Life Trips Art

Or, the strange tale of Zachary Nowak's Italian murder novel that "predicted" a shocking murder (only there was no murder in the novel) and made Nowak a (reluctant) minor celebrity

The Gift Turns Twenty-Five

An anniversary edition with a new afterword underscores the influence of Lewis Hyde's reflections on the status of art in the marketplace


Office Hours

Burning Question: Can we trust the polls?

During this election year, the media have deluged us with polling results. As the general election approaches, the assault will continue. But how do the pollsters come up with their numbers? Why are they often so accurate, and why do they sometimes get it wrong? We asked Professor of Political Science Joseph Klesner.

Coming Home to Shakespeare

A director grew up with the bard's plays woven into family life

Don't Fear the Science, Turner Urges Students

Gregory Spaid Leaves Position of Provost to Return to Teaching

Kenyon Marks Stage Entrance and Exit

Now They Can Walk

Surgeon Merrill Ritter transforms lives in third-world countries

Probing the Paradox

Kate Masley studies the healthy birthing practices of Latina women

In Memoriam


Lewis "Tim" Leach '55

Alumni News

Alumni Digest

The Last Page

Homer in the Newsroom

What can a journalist learn from the classics? Plenty.