Sound Bites

"A year in politics is an eternity."
--Stanford University political science professor Morris P. Fiorina speaking about the 2008 presidential election

"We're living today in a scientific nightmare because someone gave money to a politician."
--Environmentalist crusader Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at a campus talk sponsored by Student Lectureships

"Some people in the blogging world have said I have no respect for Islam, but I don't think that's the point of my work. With all of these books, the ones I have out and the ones I'm writing now, what I'm really trying to say is (a) I'm a human being, and it's OK for me to be a human and be confused sometimes, and (b) Islam is big enough to have room for someone like me in it."
--Michael Muhammad Knight, a novelist, journalist, and progressive Muslim, in an online interview with the blogging Web site cadeveo.wordpress. Knight read from his work, which includes a novel about Muslim punk-rockers living in New York, in Kenyon's Brandi Recital Hall.

"The difficulty of mathematics secures our finances, so it's good that math is hard."
--Judy Holdener of the mathematics faculty, discussing mathematical codes and credit card numbers at a campus lecture titled "Spiraling Primes and Primary Spirals"