The Hot Sheet

Love Is in the Air Students created an art installation project on the upside-down tree featuring love notes hanging from branches. Anonymous writers wrote to anonymous recipients, and the laminated letters fluttered in the wind for months. Proof that love really can blow.

Beauty in Brevity The women's literary magazine 56percent sought submissions around the theme of a first kiss. The campus was invited to describe the event in ten words or fewer. Our favorite? "How could he miss?"

Old-Fashioned Fun The Brown Family Environmental Center left shiny plastic sleds on the farmhouse porch during Gambier's snow-filled winter for blood-curdling tears down Plantation Hill. E-mail promos urged students to "regain an appreciation for life, speed, gravity, fun, and how quickly the latter three can conspire to end the first one."

Bathroom Stories Two students put out a call for "awkward bathroom stories" with the intent of creating a bathroom stall reader. The project stalled due to lack of submissions. Sometimes student apathy is a good thing.

Waiting Tables Students created the game "Winning Dempsey." The group who is the last to leave Thomas Hall in Upper Dempsey after the evening meal takes the prize. Rival tables simply wait it out. Note: Winners are not thereby authorized to add "college waiter" to their résumés.

Gambier at the Guggenheim A little slice of Gambier made its way to New York's Guggenheim Museum for the Third Mind Exhibit. Installation artist Ann Hamilton incorporated books from Gambier's defunct used bookstore in her site-specific installation for the museum's rotunda. The guillotined books "represented the vast bibliography that served as the foundation for the exhibition." The death of the book, or recycling?

Family Meals Kenyon's food service offered discounted meal tickets in Peirce Hall to encourage members of the administration, faculty, and staff to dine with students. Great. Now everyone can complain about the food.

Student for a Day For the second consecutive year, President S. Georgia Nugent traded places with a student. In February, she became "Ellen Blanchard for a day," attending classes and eating in the dining hall. During the same time period, first-year Blanchard became "president for a day." Freaky Friday it wasn't, but a staggering change of pace for both? You bet

McBride and Mather Murals Students painted large murals on the walls of McBride and Mather residence halls. The creations ranged from a Celestial Seasonings tea package to a Paul Newman '49 tribute featuring twenty-five stenciled squares of Newman's face and highlights from his career. Andy Warhol, move over. DeliciousFacebook FacebookStumbleUpon StumbleUponDigg Diggreddit reddit