Gambier is Talking About...

Stray Cats. A large number of homeless felines wandered around Gambier in the fall. With the local humane society shelter at full capacity, residents of the village and Knox County began discussions about the best way to care for the animals.

Swine Flu. Starting in the summer, Kenyon officials devoted a lot of time to planning for the possibility of an H1N1 epidemic. By fall, offices and village businesses sported hand-sanitizer dispensers. Informational posters, a special Web site, and regular e-mail updates kept the campus aware of preventive measures and illness trends.

Construction. A gaping hole between Cromwell Cottage and Olin Library was evidence that construction of the new art history and gallery building is under way. The three-level, 30,000-square-foot building will include classrooms, galleries, faculty offices, and a 125-seat auditorium.

Milk Cartons. The College purchased the Morgan Apartments, widely known as the "milk cartons" for their resemblance to cardboard milk containers. The apartments were refurbished and used to help alleviate a housing crunch caused by a larger than expected first-year class. DeliciousFacebook FacebookStumbleUpon StumbleUponDigg Diggreddit reddit