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An unofficial lexicon of unique Kenyon coinages, nicknames, and turns of phrase, from the vividly expressive to the vaguely lewd.

Hardwood Heroes

One player recalls how the worst lineup in Kenyon's history improbably defeated Kent State.

You Do What?

Meet a small sampling of Kenyon alumni whose time on the Hill led to careers off the beaten path.

Kenyon In Season


The Editor's Page

Up, Up, and Away

Letters to the Editor

Along Middle Path

On Location

Club boosts student filmmaking

A Door to the Past

Teacher, Scholar, Leader

Beauty Queen

Forbes names Kenyon one of the world's thirteen most beautiful college campuses

Bic Band Beat

In and Out at Kenyon

The Hot Sheet

Dancing, dining, denim, and six other things we love about Kenyon

Gambier is Talking About...

What's your Kenyon Quotient?

Try a question from the world of Kenyon trivia

Kenyon in Quotes

In the news, in campus, and online


Last but not Least

Sports Round-Up


In from the Fringe

A jaded blogger and would-be terrorist find each other, and more, in David Goodwillie's first novel

Recent Books by Kenyon Authors

Office Hours

Language of Death

What draws students to a course about dying?

Can restored wetlands make up for the loss of natural systems?

Burning Question for M. Siobhan Fennessy, professor of biology and codirector of the Brown Family Environmental Center

Not in my Job Description: Cover to Cover

Alumni News

American Thinker

Arguing with Tradition


Alumni Digest

The Last Page

Back Up: Or, how I learned to steer a college division by driving a tractor-trailer.