In and Out at Kenyon

by Ellie Norton '10

In: Outsized, thick-rimmed glasses
Five minutes ago: Contacts
Out: 20/20

In: Passive aggression
Five minutes ago: Angry allstu e-mails
Out: Bar fights

In: Environmental Campus Organization Free Store
Five minutes ago: Goodwill
Out: Easton Town Center in Columbus

Trend alert:
AVI Food Systems conducted a winter survey to discover students' most-beloved cereals at Peirce Hall. The results are in! And anyone who thought that Kenyon students are a health-oriented bunch is in for a surprise. Cinnamon Toast Crunch captured first place, with a whopping 57 percent of the vote. Cheerios and Lucky Charms landed in second and third, respectively. And last place? Well, Bran Flakes managed to scrape up 13 percent of the vote, edged narrowly by Corn Flakes and Total. The moral of the trend? A spoonful of sugar helps the cereal go down.
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