What's your Kenyon Quotient?

Which alumnus, speaking on national television about his experiences at Kenyon, said: "Give my regards to Stu Magoo and Psycho Sam"?

A. E.L. Doctorow '52
B. Paul Newman '49
C. Jonathan Winters '50
D. Perry Lentz '64

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Answer: C. Jonathan Winters

The virtuoso comedian, actor, artist, and author is actually a "matriculant," not a graduate. Winters, a native of Dayton, Ohio, came to the College in April 1946 following his Marine Corps service but left after four months for the Dayton Art Institute. Kenyon connections took root, though. Winters made some good friends, inspired a number of apocryphal tales (such as the persistent but untrue story that he was kicked out for riding a bike down Middle Path while naked and painted green for St. Patrick's Day), and returned for a five-day visit in 1980, when he received an honorary degree. It was on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson that he gave his regards to Samuel B. "Psycho Sam" Cummings, who taught psychology, and Stuart Rice "Stu Magoo" McGowan '28, a longtime faculty member and administrator who was also a Kenyon parent and grandparent. Incidentally, while emeritus English professor Perry Lentz hasn't enjoyed quite the fame of Winters, Newman, or Doctorow, he has in fact appeared on national TV-as the captain of the Kenyon General Electric College Bowl team that won a string of prime-time victories in 1963.

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