Gambier is Talking About...

A restored mural. The Gambier Post Office mural titled “Bishop Chase Selects the Location for Old Kenyon,” painted by Kenyon art professor Norris Rambling in 1943, underwent a three-month restoration and made a fresh debut in April. (Click to enlarge the image.)

Student housing. Kenyon's Board of Trustees approved the construction of townhouse-type student residences to be built on the north end of campus. Gambier's Planning and Zoning Commission signed off in the spring and construction begins this summer. The housing will eventually replace the Bexley and New apartments.

A potential stop light. The village installed “stop for pedestrian” signs at the busy intersections where Wiggin Street meets Middle Path and Chase and Gaskin avenues. The more conspiratorially minded in the community theorize this may be the first step toward installing a stop light in Gambier. Village Council has no plans to do so.

Party talk. Some of the country's top political analysts and commentators gathered in Gambier in April to discuss the health and future of America's political parties, as the Center for the Study of American Democracy hosted its first biennial conference.

Energy efficiency. Kenyon has partnered with the U.S. Energy Star program to improve energy efficiency and protect the environment. The College is working toward the goal of a 10 percent reduction in energy usage. Kenyon also recently gave environmental stewardship some muscle when it created a position for a full-time sustainability director.

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