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Café Society

Do you remember the first signs of the weekend in Gambier? For many people one of the great pleasures marking week's end arrives midday, as classmates and colleagues stream towards the Parish House for good company and a delectable lunch at Friday Café.

We did it!

The "We Are Kenyon" campaign soars to a spectacular end, raising $240 million-and providing priceless opportunities for students.

An Artist in Stone & Glass

If the twenty-first century Kenyon campus can be seen as a canvas, then Graham Gund is the artist.

Set for Life

If you've watched ESPN's SportsCenter, NBC's Today, or The Daily Show, you've seen Jim Fenhagen's work. Chances are, you didn't know it.

The Red Bishop

Educated at Kenyon's Bexley Hall seminary, William Montgomery Brown rose in Episcopal ranks, only to embrace a heretical vision of "Communism and Christianism."

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Echoes of the Unreal

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Wishing and Hoping . . . and Waiting

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How To Take Better Photographs

The Hot Sheet

Honey Bees, Spelling Bees, Ballads of Bob, and six other things we love about Kenyon

Gambier is Talking About...

Best in the Nation, Round Two

Bulletin named 2011 Robert Sibley Magazine of the Year.

On Location

Kenyon in Quotes

Going the Extra Mile


Inside Dylan

Recent Books by Kenyon Authors

Office Hours

Lessons of Excellence

A Wizard with Wood

You may know Will Scott as a professor, historian, and author. Now meet the artisan.

The Reel Deal

Kenyon's new film majors may be dazzled by the limelight, but here's a word from the movie-biz trenches: it takes sweat, salesmanship, and a bottomless capacity to hear "no"

Seven faculty members win tenure

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A midlife crisis management guide