The Hot Sheet

Drinking Limits

Protests flew via e-mails and Collegian editorials proliferated when Campus Senate put forth new policies that confined drinking outdoors to a fenced area during the annual Summer Sendoff party. Sanity prevailed when Collegian editors wrote a column urging students to "stop whining."

Bob Dylan

For the fun of it, a student declared "Dress Like Bob Dylan Day" one Wednesday last spring. Kenyon alumni like Bob, too. See page 48 for a review of The Ballad of Bob Dylan, a new biography by Daniel Mark Epstein '70.

Great Professors

Kenyon landed at number five on the Princeton Review's list of colleges whose "professors get high marks." Kenyon did not make the list of top party schools or stone-cold sober students, but the College has formed a committee to investigate how we might advance in these areas.


The Equestrian Team sponsored an open barn and offered free pony rides. So a liberal arts education even teaches riding: the art of keeping a horse between you and the ground.

Songs of Summer

Esquire picked the song "Anna Sun," named for a Kenyon sociology professor, as one of "30 summer songs every man should listen to." Performed by Walk the Moon, a band founded in Gambier with frontman Nick Petricca '09, the song goes something like this: "Firecrackers in the east/my car parked south/your hands on my cheeks/your shoulder in my mouth." Uh, we're not sure how that relates to Anna either, but we still agree with Esquire!

Hershey's Kisses

When a Kenyon applicant received the dreaded "thin" envelope last spring, she huffily Tweeted: "Guess what? I don't care. I didn't want you either, Kenyon. And Hendrix gave me Hershey's Kisses." Not to be outdone in the ever-competitive recruiting marketplace, Kenyon's admissions office promptly called Paris to set up overnight shipments from chic chocolatier Michel Chaudun.

Honey Bees

The Brown Family Environmental Center sought volunteers to help weigh beehives as part of a NASA-sponsored study investigating the relationship between the nectar collection of honey bees, land use, and climate change.

Spelling Bee

A student spelling bee was held, with a first-place prize of $50. When asked to spell "Missouri," one student asked for clarification between the state and the river.


During a poetry reading, a Philander Chase anagram contest was held. Some 1,480 words can be derived from the name. The winner, Colleen Damerell '13, came up with 196 in the allotted time. Her list included:

Philander Chase
cheap deal
pinch herald
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