Test your KQ

The trees lining Middle Path include which of the following species? (Bonus: How many trees are there, total, along Middle Path?)

  • A. Beech
  • B. Hackberry
  • C. Hickory
  • D. Maple
  • E. Oak
  • F. Sycamore

KQ Answer: B, D, E

From Old Kenyon to Wiggin Street, Middle Path features mostly sugar maples, according to Steven Vaden, the College's grounds supervisor. There are also a few oaks in the mix, near Olin Library. In downtown Gambier, between Wiggin and Brooklyn streets, the path includes sugar maples, Norway maples, and hackberries. Going north to Bexley Hall, the trees are split about 50-50 between sugar maples and Norway maples. Bonus: Students walking from Old Kenyon to the Bexley Hall gates will pass a total of 138 trees, 70 on their right (east) and 68 on their left (west). Assuming an average rate of one greeting every ten trees during normal foot traffic (counting trees on both sides of the path), and figuring that the typical stroll covers 40 percent of the path, a student will say "hi" approximately 5.6 times during a stroll. Multiply by, say, five strolls per day, and you can see why Kenyon is such a friendly place. It's all a function of chlorophyll.

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