The Hot Sheet

Dogs, dalmations, and six other things we love about Kenyon.

Philander Chase on Facebook. Kenyon's founding father has his own page on Facebook. Philander's page says he is single, with very conservative views, and has an interest in women's and gender studies. Many lonely Kenyon alumni have added him to their friends list.

Seeing Spots. Kate Hamilton '09 and friends waged a campaign to recruit 101 people to dress like dalmatians for Halloween. The exact count of costumed dogs is uncertain, but many students reported seeing spots on the dance floor, including a few bald spots and blind spots.

Basketball for Research. Piper Beckwith-Collings '10 raised $3,365 to benefit research on Lou Gehrig's Disease through an ALS basketball tournament. It was a three-on-three tournament with double elimination. Prizes were donated from local businesses. That's what we call net-working.

Sleeping in Peirce. Move over Nu Pi Kappa, and make way for a popular new spot for catching some zzzs. Students reportedly flock to new leather sofas in a renovated Peirce Hall for thinly veiled "study breaks." Afghan, anyone?

Hot Dogs. A student club sponsored a hot-dog-eating contest in which Eric Dunn '09 took home the prize by eating eleven dogs in four minutes. Some of the world's best hot-dog eaters are able to train their minds to ignore the urge to upchuck. We wish we had that training as well.

Tea Time. Ethan Bernstein '12 started a tea club that meets once a week to sample tea, including some from his own collection. Curled pinkies not required.

Bungee Jumping Barbie. Physics professor Benjamin Schumacher held a competition to test students' engineering skills by dropping Barbie dolls down a stairwell. The winning Barbie landed closest to the floor without hitting it. Hello, dolly!

Geek Week. Math professor Judy Holdener sponsored Geek Week in the fall. Participants were encouraged to wear geeky T-shirts. While the name is a takeoff from Greek Week, Holdener made it clear she did not mean to lessen the value of the Greek system. "I am a big fan of geeky Greeks," said Holdener.

Battle of the Bands. The Social board sponsored a Battle of the Bands in October, and Detroit Groove, a popular student band that covers Motown hits from the 1960s, took home the prize. Nine student bands participated in the competition, held in the Gund Ballroom. DeliciousFacebook FacebookStumbleUpon StumbleUponDigg Diggreddit reddit