Test your KQ

Match these Kenyon biologists, past and present, with organisms that have figured in their research. (Some professors are associated with more than one organism.)

1. Christopher Gillen A. Ants
2. Raymond Heithaus B. Bluebirds
3. Dorthy Jegla C. Crayfish
4. Maxwell Power D. E. coli
5. Joan Slonczewski E. Fruit flies
F. Sunflowers
G. Tribbles

KQ Answer:

1-c. Gillen, a faculty member since 1997, has studied the regulation of calcium transport in the freshwater crayfish. 2-a, b. Heithaus '68, an emeritus professor who joined the faculty in 1980, has done research involving both ant colonies and bluebirds. 3-f. Jegla, who died in 2011 after teaching at Kenyon from 1971 to 1997, was a plant developmental biologist with expertise on sunflowers. 4-e. Power, who taught at Kenyon from 1947 until his death in 1954 (he was killed in a car crash in Iraq, where he was a Fulbright lecturer), was an authority on the brain and nervous system of Drosophila melanogaster, the fruit fly. 5-d, g. Slonczewski, a microbiologist, does research on how Escherichia coli bacteria survive in extreme acid or base environments. Slonczewski is also an award-winning science fiction writer, and in her course "Biology in Science Fiction" she has examined population explosions by considering tribbles, the furry, fast-reproducing (fictional) species from Star Trek.

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