Students are forming a group called Local Lenders. According to the Collegian, the group will work with several organizations in Knox County to provide loans to Knox County farmers of up to $5,000 at a fixed interest rate of 5 percent.

Delta Tau Delta fraternity hosted an overnight lock-in fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. In addition to donations, people were allowed to throw pies at fraternity members for a fee.

In an ongoing struggle over dishes disappearing from Peirce dining hall, the food service replaced ceramic mugs with paper. A student concerned about environmental impact chastised the student body in a Collegian editorial for not helping reduce the College's environmental footprint.

The rainbow flags hanging outside the Unity House were stolen in the fall. The house is intended to be a safe space for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students. Community members rallied and donated enough flags to line Middle Path for a few days.

There was a large number of thefts on campus, particularly in the athletic center and Peirce Hall. In addition, there were reported incidents of public indecency. Campus Safety worked with the Knox County Sheriff's Office in an attempt to find the perpetrator. DeliciousFacebook FacebookStumbleUpon StumbleUponDigg Diggreddit reddit