Strong Community

We Are: A Living Community

Donors revitalized residential life at Kenyon by funding a new north-campus neighborhood of townhouses-a sorely needed asset, and a crucial one, given the importance of the residential experience in the lives of our students. The first residences, including a house that is fully accessible for the needs of handicapped students, opened this fall.

We Are: amazing alumni, generous parents

The Kenyon Fund and Kenyon Parents Fund-both crucial to the College's annual operations-raised $33 million, an astounding $9 million more than their original goal. In the campaign's final year, alumni and parents stepped up to match a $1 million challenge fund that the trustees established in response to increased financial-aid needs. Even in tough economic times, the Kenyon family showed its loyalty, pride, and devotion.

We Are: preserving Kenyon's rural setting

The campaign raised more than $7 million in gifts as well as agricultural and conservation easements through the Philander Chase Corporation. The result: more than 3,100 acres protected from development. DeliciousFacebook FacebookStumbleUpon StumbleUponDigg Diggreddit reddit