Academic Excellence

We Are: The Unlimited Reach of Art

We built the elegant, spacious Graham Gund Gallery. The new building includes a new home for the art history program along with superb exhibition spaces. The museum/gallery will allow Kenyon to host a vastly expanded array of shows, bringing acclaimed artists to campus and engaging disciplines across the curriculum with the perspectives of the visual arts. Under construction, meanwhile, is the Horvitz Art Building, which will provide, for the first time, the kind of facilities that our studio art program deserves-in every medium, from drawing, painting, and printmaking to sculpture, video art, and installation art.

We Are: Students Who Delve

A Kenyon parent created the John W. Adams Summer Scholars Program in Socio-Legal Studies, enabling students to spend the summer pursuing independent research under the guidance of faculty mentors. Like our Summer Science students and our summer researchers with the Rural Life Center, the Adams students delve into the intellectual adventure of actively producing new scholarship that addresses significant questions.

We Are: Great Teachers

Recognizing that Kenyon's greatest treasure is its faculty-professors who challenge students and change lives-campaign donors created five new endowed professorship.

Bruce L. Gensemer Chair in Economics
Donor: John C. Riazzi '85
Currently held by: William R. Melick

Melick's students benefit from his impressive government background and contacts, ranging from the Federal Reserve to the President's Council of Economic Advisors.

William P. Rice '66 Professorship in English and Literature
Donor: William P. Rice '66

The professorship will go to a junior faculty member, helping Kenyon retain and support teachers of exceptional talent.

R. Todd Ruppert Chair in International Studies
Donor: R. Todd Ruppert '78
Currently held by: David M. Rowe

The Ruppert Chair helps to anchor one of Kenyon's most popular majors. Rowe, a political scientist, specializes in international relations and has developed a nationally recognized course on terrorism.

J. Kenneth Smail Chair in Anthropology
Donors: Edwin H. Eaton Jr. '60 P'89 H'03, Christine "Tickie" Eaton, Christopher Eaton '89, and Colleen Siders Eaton '87
Currently held by: Edward M. Schortman and Patricia A. Urban

Widely recognized archaeologists, Schortman and Urban created the Kenyon-Honduras Program in 1985, giving generations of Kenyon students an extraordinary learning experience.

Thomas S. Turgeon Chair in Dance and Drama
Donors: Funded by lede gifts from Trice Koopman '77, Skip Osborne '77, Margrit Pollack '77, Ted Walch '63, and eighty-four other donors.
Currently held by: Jonathan Tazewell '84

An inspiring teacher and director, and an accomplished actor, Tazewell has played a key role in developing Kenyon's new major in film, made possible by the Turgeon Chair.

We Are: The Ideal of Equal Opportunity

Through the campaign, we added an impressive $60 million to endowment funds for financial aid, dramatically improving Kenyon's ability to admit talented students regardless of their family's economic status. The late film legend and loyal Kenyon alumnus Paul Newman '49 led the way, with a $10 million gift to establish the Newman's Own Foundation Scholarship program. Many other donors followed suit.

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