Test your KQ

Of these seven American icons, which five have a connection to Kenyon alumni? (Bonus: Which colleges are linked to the two non-Kenyon icons?)

A. Baldwin pianos
B. Ben & Jerry's ice cream
C. Disney
D. McDonald's
E. New York Herald Tribune
F. Seabiscuit
G. See's Candies

Answer: A, D, E, F, G have a Kenyon connection.

(A) R.S. "Dick" Harrison '53 H'01 P'82,'85 is the retired CEO of the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company, once the largest U.S.-based manufacturer of keyboard instruments. (D) As vice president of U.S. menu innovation for McDonald's, Wendy Cook '81 P'11 has introduced such items as premium chicken sandwiches and McCafé espresso coffees. (E) The late James G. Bellows '44 H'65 edited the Trib (as well as the Washington Star and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner). (F) The bestseller Seabiscuit: An American Legend was written by Laura Hillenbrand 1989 H'03. (G) Charles Huggins '49 H'01 is the retired CEO of See's Candies shops. (Bonus: Ben & Jerry's was cofounded by a 1973 Oberlin graduate, Jerry Greenfield. And a 1964 Denison grad, Michael Eisner, was CEO of the Walt Disney Company.)

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