Kenyon in Quotes

"There's an adult within every kid."

—Justin Roberts '92, in an interview with the Plain Dealer of Cleveland, Ohio, on August 1, 2010, explaining the use of mature themes in his songs for children.

"Comedy challenges political authority and negotiates boundaries of gender and sexuality."

—Adele Davidson '75, Charles P. McIlvaine Professor of English, commenting on the subject of "Theory of Comedy," one of her classes, which was among the hottest college courses selected by and announced on September 7, 2010.

"We have to take a chill pill ourselves while telling parents to do the same thing."

—Jennifer Delahunty, dean of admissions and financial aid, discussing the role of admissions officials in accelerating the competition to get into college, in the August 25, 2010, edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education. The interview was pegged to the release of I'm Going to College—Not You!, a book of essays edited by Delahunty.

"I went native."

—Howard Sacks, professor of sociology and director of the Rural Life Center, who mentioned that he raises sheep, during an interview with Edible Columbus magazine, in its fall 2010 issue, about local foods and Kenyon's initiative in reaching out to the Knox County agricultural community.

"Would you like to have sex with someone who isn't enthusiastic?"

—Writer, performer, and activist Jaclyn Friedman in a campus talk titled "Enthusiastic Consent: A New Model for Better—and Safer—Sexuality."

"That's a disgustingly large bug to have breeding on your scalp."

—A Collegian writer describing her high school experience with head lice after a mild campus outbreak.

"People without means entertained themselves by working and starving to death."

—A drama professor discussing Italian Renaissance theater, from the Facebook page "Overheard at Kenyon," which broadcasts anonymous one-liners.

"What a sweetheart."

—Catherine D. Elkies '87, appraising guitar legend Eric Clapton in the New York Times, on September 29, 2010, in a story about her work conducting auctions for Christie's. Elkies was the auctioneer for a sale of Clapton's guitars, and he sent her roses after the event. DeliciousFacebook FacebookStumbleUpon StumbleUponDigg Diggreddit reddit