In and Out at Kenyon

In: Silly bands
Five minutes ago: Molded fork bracelets
Out: Livestrong bangles

In: YouTube's "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On"
Five minutes ago: YouTube's "Double Rainbow"
Out: YouTube's "David After Dentist"

In: Uploading photos via smart-phones
Five minutes ago: Video phone clips
Out: 0.5 megapixel camera phones

Trend Alert: It wasn't an English or political science course last semester that, exceeding its capacity, accepted seventy students—it was The Neuroscience of Space, Film, and Play. The course delves into an interdisciplinary field combining philosophy and science to examine the human nervous system. One of Kenyon's largest classes, the course has brought together students from the usually divided disciplines of science and humanities and, correspondingly, is taught jointly by professors from disparate areas of study. Neuroscience major Steve Suway '11 finds the philosophical/scientific mix sometimes frustrating but nonetheless fun. Shifting between complex diagrams of the brain and drawn-out philosophical debates is not an easy endeavor. He noted the challenge such a combination presents for the faculty from different departments who tend to be the primary debaters: "It was particularly difficult to get past the statement that 'all mental states are the result of the activity of neurons.'"

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