'10 Katherine Ernst
New Delhi, India
Laura Goehrke
Washington, D.C.

Oliver S. Bierman-Lytle, Denver, Colorado, is working in Abu Dhabi for Noukhada Adventure Company, establishing and managing its sailing program, blokarting, kayak fishing, and teaching eco-tours. Oliver is also interning for Pangaeon, researching sustainability practices and technologies. Matthew P. Colburn, Bethesda, Maryland, writes that while working as an intern at NPR, he did a story entitled "Appreciation Week Brings Little Cheer to Teachers," which aired on NPR's Weekend Edition in May 2011. Matt's story explored how tight budgets and campaigns against public employees have lots of teachers feeling anything but appreciated. Katherine M. Crowell, Kansas City, Missouri, is teaching in Kansas City through Teach for America and loving it! Elyssa M.L. Davis, Salisbury, Massachusetts, is a teacher-naturalist at the Joppa Flats Education Center in Newburyport. Carl A. Kriss, Winnetka, Illinois, reports that his documentary Give and Take had its first screening at the SENE Film Festival held in Providence, Rhode Island, in April 2011. The film won the audience award for best documentary. Luke R. Brandfon wrote the score for the film and also attended the festival. The film is an underground look at subway buskers. The link to the trailer is vimeo.com/10448868. Megan E. Wilhelm, New Haven, Connecticut, writes that three years ago, she made it her personal mission to see all of the new Seven Wonders of the World and the one remaining ancient wonder, the Giza pyramids. Joined by Georgia A. Kuss, she has visited several of the runners-up to the "wonder" titles, as well as visiting Egypt to see the pyramids and Rome for the Colosseum. In July they traveled to Peru and hiked through the Andes to reach Machu Picchu and check another wonder off the list.

'11 Mat Cowlin
Oracle, Arizona
Gavin McGimpsey
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Samantha Reichenbach
Port Washington, New York