'50 Louis S. Whitaker
Wheeling, West Virginia

E. Peter Schroeder, New York City, presented an exhibition of Paul L. Newman '49 pictures at the Leica Gallery in New York. (Note: Peter Schroeder died on July 10, 2011. An obituary will appear in the next issue of the Bulletin.) Philip S. Tedesco is actively retired and has lived in Palm Springs, California, for the last twenty-five years. Philip writes, "I won't leave. I have my own plot complete with gravestone in the local cemetery!"

'51 Douglas W. Downey
Northbrook, Illinois

William H. Vickery, Kailua, Hawaii, writes, "I'm still enjoying my semi-annual 'vacations' in Bali and Kuala Lumpur. However, there is no place like home here in Hawaii!" Lewis E. Weingard, Tionesta, Pennsylvania, really enjoyed returning for the Post-Fiftieth Reunion and seeing several old buddies from Kenyon. Lew writes, "Doug Downey is doing a great job with our Class of '51!"

'52 Richard D. Sawyer
Newbury, New Hampshire

Charles P. Tranfield, Keene, New Hampshire, underwent carpal tunnel surgery on his hand early in the year, but outside of this all is going well. Charlie still plays tennis and bridge three times a week, and though Keene gets a lot of snow, it has proven to be a great place to retire. Charlie and his wife, Pat, spend part of each year at their beach house on Long Island with the "kids" and their families. Bruce K. Willitts, Shelburne, Vermont, writes that he and his wife, Gretchen, are living happily in a retirement community.

'53 Arthur "Bill" Sprague Jr.
La Grange, Illinois

Edward M. Ames, Plainfield, Connecticut, writes, "I tread the slippery slope with care, have given up bicycling, enjoy napping, and do occasional tutoring, the latest being a girl from Saudi Arabia whose father wants her to marry and bring the rest of her family to America where she was born!" Ed also writes and tries to stay ahead of his office clutter with the help of his wife, Mona.

'54 Richard R. Tryon
Frankfort, Michigan

Hal W. Ziegler, Jackson, Michigan, is retired but is deeply involved with No Labels (nolabels.org), a movement to end the hyper-partisanship that Hal believes is threatening to destroy our political system.

'55 B. Allen McCormick
Indianapolis, Indiana

John L. Hammond, Portland, Oregon, has been retired for twenty years, but his wife, Alice, has only recently retired, enabling them to experiment with "snowbirding." After thirty years of living through the Pacific Northwest's wet and gray winters, they spent January and February in southeast Arizona, near Tucson, and enjoyed the change greatly. They plan to go back again next year, possibly for three months. John and Alice were guests at the Portland reception that President Nugent attended. She brought them up to date on current developments on campus and gave a lively and interesting talk on the values of a liberal education such as Kenyon offers. John says, "It was good to be with such a goodly company of Kenyon folk, mostly young, of course. But there were a handful of older types, like us."

'56 Christian Schoenleb
Phoenix, Arizona

R. Michael Sly, Germantown, Maryland, continues to see asthmatic and allergic patients full-time at the Children's National Medical Center in Rockville. Ann, Mike's wife of fifty-four years, continues to lead the music at their church while Mike plays the keyboard.

'57 Donald A. Fischman
New York, New York

Henry J. Steck
Homer, New York

Harlow L. Walker, Gambier, Ohio, retired last June from the board of the Peoples Bank in Gambier and, in January, from the College Township Board of Zoning. Samuel G. Wiltchik, Riverside, California, has been medical director of Riverside Physicians Network (IPA) for the past five years, after retiring from a private ob/gyn practice. Sam teaches physical diagnosis to second-year medical students at the UCR/UCLA program and is president of a large ob/gyn medical group.

'58 Adolph Faller III
Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Riggs S. Miller, Troy, Michigan, is continuing acupuncture treatments for essential tremor, with subtle improvement. He says, though, that more research is needed.

'59 William Harley Henry
Grinnell, Iowa

Donald Bomann Jr.
Stamford, Connecticut

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