'60 Robert G. Heasley
Gambier, Ohio

'61 R. Hutchins Hodgson Jr.
Cumming, Georgia

David C. Brown
Louisville, Kentucky

Daniel K. Woodworth, Baltimore, Maryland, writes that after missing his class reunion this year, he hopes to see all his classmates at their seventy-fifth year reunion! Dan retired this May and is looking forward to visiting his four grandchildren in various parts of the country and to pursuing all his hobbies. Dan and his wife, Carol, say, "For anyone traveling through the Baltimore area, our door is always open!"

'62 Jonathan S. Katz
Newton, Massachusetts

William P. Russell
St. Charles, Illinois

'63 Neal M. Mayer
Millsboro, Delaware

Calvin S. Frost
Lake Forest, Illinois

'64 Joel D. Kellman
Huntington Woods, Michigan

David A. Schmid
Norwell, Massachusetts

James W. Atkinson, Mason, Michigan, writes that after forty-two years on the faculty at Michigan State University, he has finally retired as professor emeritus of zoology. James is reinventing himself as a natural history artist (www.jwatkinsonart.artspan.com). D. Douglas Brown, Indianapolis, Indiana, is vice president and program chairman of the Indiana Astronomical Society, as well as president of his neighborhood association.

'65 Thomas R. Sant
Hilliard, Ohio

Frederick McGavran
Cincinnati, Ohio

James Miller
North Baltimore, Ohio

Robert T. Bales, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, is still trying to retire. He has sold his distribution center and all but one of his restaurants. Bob writes, "I don't know what I'll do when I retire, but I think it's time to get on with it. The business environment is not great."

'66 Thomas A. Mason
Indianapolis, Indiana

Brian A. Bidlingmeyer, Frazer, Pennsylvania, received the 2010 Eastern Analytical Symposium Award for Outstanding Achievements in Separation Science. R. Stephen Tompkins, Peoria, Arizona, is enjoying a second career in public libraries after many years in nuclear power.

'67 Alan T. Radnor
Bexley, Ohio

'68 Howard B. Edelstein
Shaker Heights, Ohio

Peter L. Arango, Carpinteria, California, writes, "The end of a splendid year of sabbatical leave is fast approaching, and thoughts inevitably turn back to full investment in the life of a boarding school. It has been a wonderful year out of the stream-invigorating and humbling." As a result of his sabbatical, Peter has published three books. They are America's Best Kept College Secrets: An Affectionate Profile of Outstanding Colleges and Universities and two novels, The Christmas Quilt and The Door of Memory, which is set in a well-established boarding school. The first two are featured in the book section (page 49). Jeffrey J. Henderson, the William Goodwin Aurelio Professor of Greek Language and Literature at Boston University, has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Jeff lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

'69 Christopher "Kit" Marty
Medina, Ohio

James W. Biddle, Atlanta, Georgia, writes that after thirty-five years killing little bugs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, he is now killing big bugs for his son's landscape business. Jeffrey G. Kelly, Port Henry, New York, would like to extend his thanks to class representative Kit Marty for mentioning, and apparently reading, his last two novels. Jeff's most recent novel is entitled The 21 Mine, a riveting, modern tale of an escape from an Adirondack prison.

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