Test your KQ

If you climbed into an inner tube, pushed off into the Kokosing River, and stayed afloat, where would you eventually end up?

A. Apple Valley
B. The Gulf of Mexico
C. Knox Lake
D. Lake Erie
E. The north Atlantic

Answer: B, the Gulf of Mexico.

Kenyon's dear old Kokosing flows east, joining with the Mohican River to form the Walhonding River. The Walhonding flows into the Muskingum River, which heads south, emptying into the Ohio River, which wends its way westward to the Mississippi—which of course flows south to the Gulf. Neither Denison nor Oberlin can claim such distinguished aquatic connections. Inner-tubers from Ohio State University in Columbus, however, could launch into the Olentangy River, joining the Scioto and then the Ohio, and making their way down the Mississippi—proving that you don't need an expensive private education to go far, or at least to get to New Orleans.

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