Bugs and Backpacks

Max Olson '12 is the type of player every team needs to be successful. He is versatile and does whatever his coaches ask of him without reservation or complaint. In two years with the Lords lacrosse program, Olson has contributed both offensively and defensively by amassing eleven goals, five assists, and twenty-six groundballs. He also carries that do-anything mentality with him off the field—even if it means eating bugs.

While studying abroad in Vietnam last fall, Olson and some others were invited to a village, where a meal included a dish of larvae. Squeamish? Not Olson, who dug right in. "Actually, it wasn't that bad," he recalled. "If you didn't look at it, it kind of tasted like chicken."

Here are some other, more palatable facts about Olson and his open-minded nature.

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